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Week One: June 19-23, 2000

Week Two:  June 26-30, 2000 

June 19-23, 2000
Week One Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday  Friday 
9am Introductions and Overview of Camp  America's Story from America's Library Introduction to the Camp Project Photo Session

DC History

Outlining Camp Project
10am Internet Tour, Browser Skills and Internet Safety A Day in the Life: History Game DC History in the MSRC  Web Exercise 4 Eye of the Beholder [DCPL]
11am Registration for Email Account Web Exercise HU
Internet Safety Quiz Black Photographers Exhibit [Arts & Industries] 
12n Lunch and Campus Tour, pt. 1 Lunch and Campus Tour, pt. 2 Lunch and Campus Tour, pt. 3 Lunch and Campus Tour, pt. 4 Lunch on the Mall
1pm America's Story from America's Library  Introduction to Web Page Design Basics of Web Page Design Review of
Web Page Basics
The Smithsonian's Folklife Festival
2pm Juneteenth
Bowling or Ping Pong Web Exercise Introduction to Front Page Freer and Sackler Galleries
3:30pm Questions and 
Answers Announcements
Computer Games
3D Glasses
Computer Games Reflections and Journaling


June 26-30, 2000
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
9:00 am  to 10:55 am D.C. Cultural Resources

History of Invention 

Stories of Creativity

Technology Timeline

 Write Like a Babylonian



Bus Tour: Lincoln Park, Lincoln Memorial,  Banneker Memorial 

The Awakening
Inventors, Innovators 
and the Patent Process
Separation or Assimilation?

All American Teenager

Camp Review

11:00 am - 12:15 pm Search Strategy Construction 
and Finding Information in the DCPL CityCat
Dr. Elizabeth Clark-Lewis  on Living In, Living Out.  Family and Community Resources.  Alexandria Archaeology Museum: "Hayti: A free black neighborhood" US Patent and Trademark Office Museum Award Ceremony 

(11:45 am.)

12:30 pm Lunch Lunch  Lunch Lunch International Luncheon
1:00 pm  FrontPage Techniques (Images)  Inventors and Innovators
Video on Minority Inventors
Tour the Metropolitan A.M.E. Church and the  Sumner Museum Textile Museum Open House
2:00 pm Demonstration of 
Computer Architecture and Networking 
Inventors' Archive
Researching Musical Instruments
View "Members of the Club" exhibit at B'nai B'rith Klutznick Museum National Cathedral Computer Games
3:00 pm Do Manners Matter?
Bowling and Ping Pong
Ethnic Inventors & Innovators African American Civil War Museum Mother of Africa Chapel Bowling and Ping Pong
3:30 pm Announcements Camp Project Camp Project Camp Project  
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