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Position Name and Affiliation
Program Director Dr. Arthuree Wright, Founders Library, Howard University 
Site Manager  Mrs. Frances Zeigler, Founders Library
Registrar Ms. Ivy Davis, Howard University
Instructor Mrs. Leslie A. Morales, Founders Library
Instructor Ms. Leslie Brown, Founders Library
Instructor Mrs. Sarah Fauntroy, Founders Library
Instructor Ms. Bene Durant, Founders Library
Instructor Mr. Keith LeQuay, Psychology, Howard University
Program Advisor Dr. Steven Yoon, Founders Library
Student Counselor Ato Ahwoi, Howard University
Student Counselor Obi Ikechi, Howard University 
Student Clerk Shantay Coleman, Howard University
Design Instructor Amanda Ophelia Bolah, Howard University
Technology  Counselor Ardel Joseph, Engineering, Howard University
Technology Counselor Allain Joseph, Howard University 
Junior Counselor Johann Caruth, Cardoza High School
Guest Speaker Dr. Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Howard University
Guest Speaker Mrs. Pamela Rinehart, Patent & Trademark Office
Guest Speaker Mr. Richard Apley, Patent & Trademark Office
Guest Speaker Dr. Taft H. Broome, Jr., Howard University
Guest Speaker Mrs. JoEllen ElBashir, MSRC, Howard University 
Guest Speaker Ms. Donna Wells, MSRC, Howard University
Guest Speaker Mr. Mohamed Mekkawi, Director of Libraries, Howard University
Resource Person Dr. Lawrence Joseph, Systems Administrator, Howard University
Resource Person Mrs. Laura Diallo, University Libraries
Resource Person Mrs. Shelley Stokes-Hammond, University Libraries 
Resource Person Mr. Errol Watkis, Multimedia Coordinator, Howard University
Resource Person Mr. Michael Dickerson, University Libraries 
Resource Person Mr. Frederick Appiah, Media Center, Howard University 
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