1.  Go to Fun Brain <http://www.funbrain.com> and sign in with your name. Type in  the secret code word "heritage." Complete at least one of the following quizzes each week:

2.  Treasures in the National Museum of American History <http://americanhistory.si.edu/notkid/nmabc.htm>
Find out what treasure in this museum corresponds to the first letter of your name.  List other items beginning with your first initial that could be included in an exhibit.

3.  Inventor of the Week Archives
Look up an inventor whose last name begins with the same letter as your last name.  Describe the invention and give your opinion about the usefulness of the invention.

4.  Explore American History Files
Select one of the following themes and answer the corresponding questions.

5.  Examine Objects in A Museum
Use your observation skills to identify objects in the online exhibit prepared  by the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.

6.  Describe the Role of Musical Instruments in Diverse Communities
Look up talking drums in the Instrument Enclyclopedia.  What role do the drums play in African society?  Were the drums ever banned in  the United States?
Discover how many electronic instrument by visiting the site 120 Years of Electronic Music.

7.  Explore the Computer Museum Timeline
Select one of the seven topics and describe two items that you find most interesting.  Indicate why you find them interesting and whether or not you would change them.

8.  Design Your Own  Robot
Construct a robot following  the instructions on this interactive site.  Indicate how your robot could be used in a real-world setting.