All About Me

        My name is Garland and I am going to the 9th grade.  I am a very fun person.

         Things I like:

  •             Basketball

  •               Football

               I don't like people who yell.

                                                 More  about  me

    Hi,  you already know some things about me, but I feel that you don't know quite enough.

    I was born March 5, 1986 at Georgetown Hospital in NW Washington, DC.

    Up to the age of about five I don't remember anything, but I do remember a few things about being six years old because I was six when I was hit in the head with a baseball bat.  No one did it on purpose ;it was a complete accident. I also remember playing soccer for my school in the first grade and one of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to me is that I scored a goal  for the other team because I was going the wrong way!

    I have a very loving and caring family.  They care about every thing that I do; that's why I love them so much.   I have one brother and I teach him a lot of things.  He is nine years old.  I have a lot of aunts and uncles. To sum up, I love my life, my family, and my friends.

                                                                                      The end.

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