Flame On!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon is the one of the youngest members of the Ruff Ryders Camp. Dropping his first CD at the age of 19, Dragon is climbing the charts with his blazing single, "I Spit These Bars."

But life for this Bronx native was not always as good as it is now. He lived with his mother, but as young Drag grew up life with his parents wasn't his idea of fun. So young Drag ran away at the age of 14, only to be homeless for two years. Drag said "I respect the homeless because I was there at one point."

Then one day he met the CEO of the Ruff Ryders Camp, Darion. When Darion heard him "spite"  he knew he had to sign him. But it took him a year for his album to drop.  A secret that Dragon reveled is that he stutters; but from the hardship of it all, Drag has made a name for  himself.

Things dragon like:

Flame Off!!!!!!!!!!!!
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