The Wonderful SHANTE !!!
    Hi, my name is Shante. I was born on April 16,1987 in Oklahoma.  When I was about two months old, my mom took me to Washington D.C to live with my grandmother while she went with my father who was in the Army. My parents are Preccious Michelle  and Shawn Tracy. I liveded with my grandmother until I was two years old.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           When I was six years old Istated school,  I atteened a school called Assumption. I really did not like it there because they hit the other children. That was for first grade. For second grade I went to Nannie Helen Brroughs.That school was okay.For third gradde I went to Wheatly. I did not like that school at all.For fourth grade to  I went to Naylor Road, Next year will be my last year at Naylor Road.
When I grow up my career plans are to become a doctor who delivers babies, also known as an obstetrician.