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Environmental Studies and International Affairs

About Greenhouses.com
This site provides on-line answers to your greenhouse questions.

Anacostia Watershed
Find out about the purpose of the Anacostia Watershed Society.

Anacostia Watershed Network
Learn about the history and culture of the watershed.

Build A Green House
Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own greenhouse.  You can do it.

Conserve Energy
Help your family save money by implementing these energy conservation tips.

Ecology Hall of Fame
Check this web site for information about Henry Thoreau, Rachel Carson and other environmentalists.

Ecology is Hep
Check out this comic book.  Tell your counselor about the heroine in the story.

Environmental IQ
Learn how to protect yourself from harmful rays.

Field Guide to Fresh Water Invertebrates
Find out how invertebrates indicate the quality of a stream.

The Greenhouse Effect
This Environmental Protection Agency web site explains global warming and includes games for you to test
your knowledge. Try  at least one game and email your evaluation to your counselor.

Messing with the Thermostat Can be Devastating
Use this CNN report to identify the top three countries emitting greenhouse gases.

On Being a Responsible Traveler
Tips from the Environmental Protection Agency on being an eco-sensitive traveler.

Planet Repair.org
Learn what youth around the country are doing to heal the ecosystem and maintain an environmental balance.

Read this article and propose a money making project for your school or club.

Tour Gardens and Conservatories
Visit the Temperate House in Missouri and other greenhouses and gardens around the world. 

What is the Greenhouse Effect?
Learn what causes the effect and what problems it creates. Then discuss how easily you could carry out the suggested solutions.

Life in the [Swiss] City

Look at "A Day in Eric's Life" and be prepared to discuss environmental issues that confront Eric as he goes about his normal routines.

UN Virtual Tour
Look at the "Introduction to the UN" and the artworks on the Tour's home page. E-mail your counselor with the following information:  When and why was the United Nations established?  Do you think it is fulfilling its purpose?  Why or why not?    What do the UN logo, the Japanese Peace Bell, and the sculpture from the Soviet Union have in common?

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