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Ethnic History

African Voices
A permanent exhibition which examines the dynamism and impact of Africa's people and cultures on the world over time in the realms of family, work, community, and the natural environment.  Which country is described in the Market Crossroads.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Read about Norman Yoshiro Mineta and other notables.  Find out history and culture, including foods from India, Indonesia and Japan.

Association for the Study of African American Life and History
Locate information about the premier black heritage learned society, its conference program, the Carter G. Woodson house.  Also find  forthcoming Black History Month themes.

Use the Biography Guide from  Founders Library to locate information about outstanding  men and women in various disciplines and from various ethnic groups. 

The Black Renaissance in Washington, 1920-1930s
This site demonstrates the role that Washingtonians played in this 20th Century renaissance.  Which of the biographees studied or worked at Howard University?

This web site from Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, provides links to major scientific and professional organizations. 

Duke Ellington's Washington
Look at the thriving Shaw community twenty years before the Harlem Renaissance.

Ethnicity and Race
These links provide information about life and culture among Native Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans,  Hispanics as well as general ethnicity.

Famous Hispanic Americans in the Humanities
Learn about Hispanic Americans in a wide range of careers.

Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-1995
Find out about the contributions of Hispanic Americans in the political arena.

Hispanics in the Spotlight
Meet some high profile Mexican- and Cuban-Americans.

Historic U Street Jazz
This site provides a map with links to photographs and information.  What is H.R.57?

Historical Figures
This web site of notable figures was prepared by Middle School students of Norfolk Academy.

July Holidays
Does your family observe any of the national days listed in this site?  Do any of your neighbors come from countries  that celebrate independence in July ?  Search for current information about living conditions in one of the countries in the list.

Local Hero: John C. Snipes
Who is Mr. Snipes?  Do  you know a neighborhood griot?

Neighborhood Memories
Click on the neighborhood maps provided by the Historical Society of Washington, DC  to get links to people who grew up in the city.

Observation Point2
This site provides information and links about Native American tribes after which cities have been named.  Do you have family or neighborhood connections to any of the tribes listed?

A Day in the Life: History Game
Follow one of the characters on this web site and compare that person's life with your own or someone who lives in your neighborhood.

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