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 Exploration CyberCamp  Behavioral Expectations

A positive, effective learning environment in which all participants can learn, grow, and feel safe, secure, productive, and successful is essential for the success of CyberCamp.  Also, because Howard University students attend classes during the summer, it is essential that CyberCamp participants do not disturb the learning environment. Therefore, CyberCamp has adopted the CHARACTER COUNTS! six pillars of character:  TRUSTWORTHINESS, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS, CARING, and CITIZENSHIP. 

All CyberCampers must agree to abide by the following behavioral expectations: 

I will be trustworthy.  I will be worthy of trust, honor, and confidence.  I will be a model of integrity by doing the right thing even  when when the cost is high.  I will be honest in all of my activities.  I will keep my commitments by attending all sessions of the planned events.  If I am not feeling well or have a schedule conflict, I will inform the CyberCamp staff.  I understand that CyberCamp does not permit the dishonesty of lying, cheating, deception, or omission.

I will be respectful.  I will show respect, courtesy, and consideration to everyone--including myself, other CyberCampers, Howard University students and employees, and those in authority.  I will dress, act, and speak respectfully.  I will not use vulgar or abusive language or cause physical harm.  I will not wear clothing that is provocative or offensive.  I will appreciate diversity in skill, gender, ethnicity, and ability.  I understand that CyberCamp does not tolerate statements or acts of discrimination or prejudice.

I will be responsible.  I will be responsible, accountable, and self-disciplined in the pursuit of excellence.  I will live up to high expectations so that I can be proud of my work and conduct.  I will be on time to all program events.  I will make sure that a member of the CyberCamp staff knows where I am at all times.  During all CyberCamp activities, I will pay attention, listen carefully, follow directions, and participate with others.  I will be accountable by accepting responsibility for my choices and actions.  I will be responsible for any damage, theft, or misconduct in which I participate.

I will be fair.  I will be just, fair, and open.  I will participate in events fairly by following the rules,  by not taking advantage of others, and by not asking for special exceptions.

I will be caring.  I will be caring in my relationships with others.  I will be kind and show compassion for others.  I will treat others the way I want to be treated.  I will show appreciation for the efforts of others.  I will help members in my group have a good experience by striving to include all participants. 

I will be a good citizen.  I will be a contributing and law-abiding citizen.  I will be respectful to the environment.  I will be quiet and orderly in all University and public places where such behavior is appropriate.  I will wear clothing that is appropriate to the activities that are scheduled for the day.  I will not bring a radio, tape player, CDs, cellular telephone, beeper, or other electronic devices to the CyberCamp.  I will only consume food and beverages in appropriate places and during appropriate breaks and meals.  I will help clean up after all activities and I will not litter.  I will not use any illegal substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

I have read the CyberCamp Behavioral Expectations.  I am aware that my actions and decisions affect me and others and may result in the loss of my right to participate in the CyberCamp.  I will accept the appropriate and logical consequences of my action, as determined by the CyberCamp staff.


Participant's Signature _____________________________________________.  Date_______________.

As the parent/guardian of the participant, I have read the CyberCamp Behavioral Expectations and will support the CyberCamp staff in maintaining appropriate behavior.  I agree to accept the appropriate and logical consequences of this participant's action as determined by the CyberCamp staff.

Parent's/Guardian's Signature________________________________________.  Date_______________.


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