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Internet Navigation

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Search Engines and Evaluation Tips

 Safety and Etiquette

Web Tutorials

Do Spiders Live on the World Wide Web?
A useful review of Internet terms for the novice navigator.

Guide to the World Wide Web
This is a self-guided tour and training site from ICYouSee.

Welcome to Web Basics
A refresher to strengthen your  browser skills.

Welcome to the Web
This website will help you learn all about the Internet.

Search Engines and Evaluation Tips

Evaluating Internet Sites
A checklist for evaluating websites to determine the trustworthiness of  information on the Web.

Safe Search Engines
Search engines and directories with selected content from the Web.

Internet Safety and Etiquette

Citizens in Cyberspace
Pointers for becoming a good online citizen.

Emoticons and Acronymns
Shorthand symbols used in web mail.

Internet Do's and Don'ts
Tips from the Department of Justice to ensure safety on the Internet superhighway.

Internet Relay or Web Chat Etiquette
Rules to follow when communicating on the Internet.

Online Safety Slide Show
Scroll to the bottom of this web site for the PowerPoint presentation on Internet safety.

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