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Camp Project

You are invited to share your opinions about what makes a community.  Speculate about  how the landscape, housing, businesses, organizations, recreational facilities and cultural resources in  the area affect the social relationships among the people who live there.  Construct a web page describing an individual who has made positive contributions to his or her neighborhood, the city, the nation, or the world.

Your web page on a local, national or international achiever should include:

     Date and place of birth
     Ancestry (family background, if given)
     Schools  or colleges attended, if known
     Neighborhood  where he or she grew up
     Persons who served as role models or influenced the choice of college or career
     Occupation (brief description of major tasks)
     Major contribution(s) and the inspiration or problems that led to the contribution(s)
     Landmarks (or programs, products or foundations) named for the person

Alternatively, you may prepare an autobiographical web page in which you include your career plans. Describe the educational requirements for the career, the major tasks you would perform., and the equipment you would have to use.   Share your dreams of how you would help improve the quality of life in the community through your career.  Describe services or programs  you would like  to start in your community.

Your report is due by 4  p.m. on the ninth day of the camp.

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