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Camp Project

You are invited to share  your experiences at this camp and indicate how you might  use the information and skills learned in your schoolwork during the fall or later in life.

Your web site should include:

     Your first name or nickname
     Date and place of birth
     Your special interests, hobbies, talents and skills
     One or two memorable events in your family life or in your community 

     Profile of your role model or someone  you especially admire
     Your dream college and career
     Your dream vacation
     Landmarks you especially like

Share your dreams of how you would help improve the quality of life in the community through your career.  Describe services or programs  you would like  to start in your community.  Click here for a basic template; however,  please feel free to add background colors and images, or to insert columns for a newsletter layouts.  Your web page must include at least three links to relevant web sites.

Your report is due by 3  p.m. on the ninth day of the camp.


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