My Dream Winter Vacation in the Caribbean

The Situation

You and your best friend  have done well  in school this year.  Both of you made the honor roll!!  Now that December is approaching, your parents are promising you the vacation of a lifetime.  They want you to trade in the books and homework for fun in the sun in the Caribbean.

Now, the deal is this: your parents will take you and your friend on a one week vacation to the Caribbean country of your choice if you stay within the budget. So, you chose to go to a Caribbean country where you have a pen pal because the pen pal and his family will invite all of you to their house for dinner one evening.

Your parents set the budget per person for the week as follows:


  1. To think creatively and productively about what it would mean to visit another country--what you need to know before you go, and what to expect after you arrive.

  2. To use the Internet and other computer skills to gather information about a Caribbean country.

  3. To interact with members of your group to share information.

  4. To meet the challenge of staying within a budget.


Final Project

Each person in the group will use the information gathered by other members of the group to write a letter to a friend, describing the country and the trip.  Each person will e-mail the letter to each member of the group and to the designated CyberCamp staff person.  The group will elect one member of the group to read his travel letter to other campers in the classroom.


Include the following items in the letter.  Use the Form for Recording Country Information  and the Notes on My Vacation form on the last pages of this module as a guide.



  1. Use the Internet to gather information about the Caribbean country.

  2. Work together as a group by your row.  There are three or four campers in each row.

  3.  Choose one of the following countries to research:

  1. Divide the responsibilities along these lines: one person will be responsible for travel arrangements and hotel, another for meals and snacks, another for a description of the people and the culture, and another for entertainment.

  2. Alter plans if necessary to stay within the budget.

Activities and Web Sites

Search the Internet to perform the tasks listed below.  These are just suggested Web sites.  You will certainly find others.


Use the following forms to record information as you do your research.

Form for Recording Country Information

Notes on My Vacation in the Caribbean