CyberCamp 2002

From Griots to Rap




I.                  The Griot? Read this article and answer the questions below


a.      What is a griot? ________________________________________

b.      Are griots still popular in Africa?



II. We'll listen to a selection from The Legend of Sundiata told by  Griot Appiah.


Your research team, a group of 3 or 4 investigators, will use the web resources provided to look at Rap/Rappers, Modern Griots,  Visual and Dance Artists.

In your your research team, each investigator will pick one subject from one column to review and answer the questions below section


Web Resources


Rap/Rappers Modern Griots  Visual Artists



Arrested Development

Kurtis Blow

Mos Def


Grandmaster Flash

Last Poets


Gil Scott-Heron

Will Smith

Tribe called Quest 



Cheer up

Ham and Eggs

Mr. Wendell

My People






Youssou N'DOUR

Ami Koita

Salif Keita

Ali Farka Toure (music)

Toumani Diabate

Rokia Traore (music)

Wonders of the African World Griot singer

Bob Marley

Jean-Michael Basquiat (painting)

Romare Bearden (art) (art)

Chester Higgins (photographs)

Jacob Lawrence (art) (art)

Harriet Powers

Faith Ringgold (quilts) (quilt 2)

Julia Dash (Films)


Pearl Primus

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

and the Urban Bush Women


 1. Name and singing or visual style ________________________________

2. What kind of storytelling? ___________________________________________

2. Important Dates __________________________________________

3. Geographical location (where work began)  _______________________

4. Interesting facts







Share your findings:
  1. Your research team should discuss the information each investigator found.
  2. Select a member from your research team to report your information to everyone in the camp.
Additional Resources

Hip Hop/Rap History

Sundiata: Lion King of Mali | Kennedy Center for the Arts

STORYTELLING AND THE ARTS | Kennedy Center for the Arts

Mali: Empire of Empires |Kennedy Center for the Arts

Map of Africa | Northwestern University Library

Baobab Leaf Song | University of California, Berkeley


Introduction to Sundiata by Yacine Kouyate | University of California, Berkeley

Sundiata Walks! |  University of California, Berkeley