We live in a world, which is constantly shrinking.  People and ideas transport more readily from east to west, north to south, through technology.  The Internet, air travel and intercontinental migration of people have brought different religions, customs and peoples to our shore.  It is important, therefore, that our students become familiar with their neighbors.  It is important that they understand why certain of their peers might seem strange in their dress or behavior.

The people who in some way helped to define our world, in terms of the values they set for the greater good of all humanity, reflected that truth.  Those men and women themselves reflected the world. They spoke different languages and were products of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Yet, the astounding truth is that they all spoke the universal language of love for all humanity. Their philosophy knew no language or barrier of race, color, or creed.  

This unit on “Visionaries” is designed to give students insight into the lives of the great men and women who by their example, their lives and work, left a lasting legacy for all of humanity to acknowledge, to cherish and to strive to emulate.


1.       To give students a sense of the universality of ideas

2.    To expose students to different cultures and      religions from which these visionaries emerged. 

3.  To have the students think about the factors which united their thinking.

4.      To show the students how simple people with strong convictions and a sense of purpose could accomplish great things.

5.      To get students so interested in one or any number of these personalities that they would want to do independent research on that person.