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Staff Directory

Position Name and Affiliation
Program Director Dr. Arthuree McLaughlin Wright, Founders Library, Howard University,  202-806-7926 or 202-345-6269 (cell)
Site Manager  Mrs. Frances C. Zeigler, Founders Library, 806-7301 or 806-7252
Registrar Ms. Debra Butler, Howard University
Design Instructor Ms. Alliah Humber, Architecture Library
Instructor Ms. Leslie M. Brown, Founders Library
Instructor Mrs. Sarah M. Fauntroy, Founders Library
Instructor Ms. Celia Daniel, Founders Library
Photographer and Program
Mr. Errol Watkis, Multimedia Services, Undergraduate Library 
Program Advisor Dr. Steven I. Yoon, Founders Library
Chaperone Ms. Helen Walker, Founders Library
Tour Guide Mr. Julius C. Jefferson, Founders Library
Tour Guide Mrs. Leida Torres, Moorland Spingarn Research Center
Presenter Mrs. JoEllen ElBashir, Moorland Spingarn Research Center
Presenter Ms. Donna Wells, Moorland Spingarn Research Center
Presenter Mr. Larry Ellis, Director, Health Sciences Library
Presenter Mr. Greg Brown, Howard University
Presenter Ms. Cheryl-Ann Collins, Howard University
Presenter Mr. Howard Hardy, International Affairs Center
Presenter Mr. Dario A. Arnoux, Health Sciences Library and African Future Forum (AFF)
Presenter Ms. Alexandra Jellerette, Zane Networks and African Future Forum (AFF)
Presenter Mr. Richard Emini, Tamtam World, Inc., AFF/Cameroon
Presenter Ms. Natalie Rivera, African Futures Forum (AFF)
Presenter Ms. Adewale Agunbia, AFF/Nigeria
Presenter Mr. Paul Ndong, Educational and Cultural Counselor,   Senegal Embassy
Resource Person Mr. Mohamed Mekkawi, Director of Libraries, Howard University
Resource Person Mr. Luigi LeBlanc, Informatics, Health Sciences Library & AFF
Resource Person Mr. James R. Washington, Continuing Education & AFF
Resource Person   Dr. Anthony Wutoh, School of Pharmacy & AFF
Resource Person Ms. Theresa Kush, COHRTEC Coordinator & AFF
Resource Person Mr. Spencer Chambers, African Futures Forum
Resource Person Dr. Lawrence Joseph, Library Systems Administrator
Resource Person Mrs. Laura Diallo, University Libraries
Resource Person Mrs. Shelley Stokes-Hammond, University Libraries 
Resource Person Mr. Frederick Appiah, Library Systems Division
Resource Person Mrs. Gwendolyn  Mulligan, Serials, University Libraries
Resource Person Ms. Margaret Wilson, Serials, University Libraries
Resource Person Ms. Susan Joseph, Technical Services, University Libraries
Resource Person Mr. William Boyd, Multimedia Services, University Libraries
Junior Intern Kyla Allen, Banneker High School
Junior Intern Jerel Johnson, Cardoza High School

Howard University
H. Patrick Swygert, President

500 Howard Place, NW, Washington, DC 20059 -  202-806-7252/Fax 202-806-4622