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About Me

My name is Christopher.  I'm 12 years old.  I was born and raised in DC. My birthday is August 30,1989. I go to St. Francis de Sales School  in NE  Washington, DC.  I'm going to the 8th Grade.  My hobbies are playing basketball, baseball, and football.  One memorable moment in my family life was when my great-grandmother, grandmother, and aunt joined in The March On Washington and joined in other marches against segregation.  The college that I would like to go to is The University of North Carolina.  I have three dream careers.  One is I would like to be a professional basketball player. Two, I would like to be a baseball player.  And last of all,  I would like to be an arthroscopic surgeon.  The landmarks I especially like are the Empire State Building and The Sears Tower because they both are very tall and have very beautiful views of the city.  My favorite TV show is The Simpsons.  My favorite character is Bart because he always does stupid stuff to make the show interesting.

.   I also like Homer because his drinking problems make the show even funnier.   

As I said earlier,  I love playing basketball and the player that influenced me to get into the game is the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan.                   

Two of my favorite players are Juan Dixon and Jared Jeffries, two rookies for the Wizards

Telling the Story 

I did my story on the rap group Run-D.M.C.  They formed their group in 1982 in Queens, New York.  They released their first single entitled "It's Like That" in 1983 and the Run-D.M.C. era began.  By their second album release, "King of Rock," Run-D.M.C. had become the most popular and influential rappers in America.  In the process, Run D.M.C was beginning to tear down the barrier between rock-and-roll and rap.  But in 1987 Run-D.M.C suffered a rude awakening.  Their newest album "Tougher than Leather" only went platinum.  Fans became interested in political rappers such as Public Enemy.  They released another album in 1989 entitled "Back from Hell," their first album not to go platinum. Following its release, both Run and D.M.C. suffered personal problems as Daniels suffered a bout of alcoholism and Simmons was accused of rape. After Daniels sobered up and the charges against Simmons were dismissed, both of the rappers became born-again Christians, touting their religious conversion.  They released an album in 1993 entitled "Down With The King" which was inspired by their religious conversion.  This album gave them a boost in popularity.  On October 12, 1999, Run-D.M.C. recorded their final album entitled "Crown Royal."

People I Admire 

I have two special people I admire even though they have passed away.  The first one is my grandmother.  She was always there for me.  She taught me not to not let any one push me around and to defend myself.  When I was young and threatened my parents I was going to run away they asked, "Where will you stay?"  I said, "I'll go to Nanny's house."  That's how safe I felt around her.  The second one is my great-grandmother she was one of the most courageous people I have ever had the honor of knowing.  In the late 50's while segregation still existed she was at mass one day and her granddaughter asked her, "Granny, why do we have to sit in the back of the Church?"  She said, "You know, you don't have to anymore."  They both got up from the back of the Church and found two seats in the front and sat down.  This taught me that you have to be brave and face your fears no matter how high the odds are stacked against you.  I also admire Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he taught the world that non-violence can be just as effective as violence.  When his house was bombed every African-American in the neighborhood was lined up outside of his house with all kinds of weapons ready to go on a bloody search for those responsible.  Dr. King told them that violence was not the answer.  His peaceful protests led to the end of segregation in America.


Dream Vacation

I would like to visit Jamaica because they have a warm climate all year around which would eliminate the needs for heavy coats.  They also have beautiful beaches with cleaner waters that you could visit almost any day of the year.  This picture shows 3 boys marching in just one of Jamaica's many festivals.

This is a Jamaican recipe that I found online.

   Recipe for Curried Goat
serves 8

1 cup of Curry Powder
4 pounds of Goat Meat including bones
1 pound of diced Potatoes
cup of chopped Ginger
2 diced Onions
1 diced Carrot
2 diced Tomatoes
3 sprigs of Thyme
3 chopped Peppers
1 bunch of diced Scallions
cup of chopped Garlic
Chicken stock
Salt & Pepper



Personal Goals 

These are the racial statistics and graduation rate for The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Race/Ethnicity                               Graduation Rate: 

                                                      Four year: 65%
African-American: 11%                                                         
Asian-American: 5%                         Five year: 78%
Hispanic: 1%
Native American: 1%                         Six year: 81%
White: 81%
International: 1%                                                                                                                                                      

I would like to go to this school because it has many subjects you can major in.  They have a high graduation rate for its students.  And it has almost 500 extracurricular activities including a basketball program. Schools usually require that students have good grades to play on their sports teams.  This is another reason I would like to go to North Carolina because if my grades slip I won't be able to play basketball.  If I do go pro, I would stay in school my four years so when I retire I'll have a college education that allow me to get a good job anywhere in the country. A good basketball player normally works on his game for about three hours a day, so while I have time off from school I could work on my game in the gym.

Hopes For The Future 

My hopes for the future are that I have a successful career in whatever I do whether it's playing basketball, being a doctor, lawyer, singing, or rapping.  I also hope that I will have a beautiful family and do a good job raising my children like my parents have done with me.  But first I want to graduate first in my class at North Carolina  or Maryland and major in American History.     

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