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About Me:

My name is Lindsey. I was in the 7th grade; now I'm going to the 8th. My age is 12. November 21 is my birthday. I have two brothers and two sisters. I have both of my parents to guide me in the right path. My favorite colors are blue, black, red, and powder purple.      


Telling the Story:

Curtis Blow was the first rapper to record for a major label. "Christmas Rappin" was the world's favorite song, but "The Breaks" went to the #4 spot on the Billboards R&B Singles. Blow first started in a club in Harlem.

People I Admire:

I admire my mother because she has achieved much in her day. The mother I have is the right mother for me, but as they say "you don't choose your family."   


Dream Vacation:

My group, called Hot Peppers, worked on researching and planning a dream vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. We researched hotels, airport, and what kind of food we would eat. The hotel we chose is Sandals Trelawney Beach & Fun Resort. To give you details--the hotel has 350 rooms plus 40 special ground-level cottage rooms. To get relaxed they have spa sites. For children you can have fun also. This resort has water sports. To be specific you can go waterskiing, jet-skiing and many, many more things. For entertainment the hotel has Theme Nights. You can groooove to some movable reggae music. The most exciting thing about this hotel is that you get a low price for a 5 star hotel.


Personal Goals: to attend Clark-Atlanta University.

Clark Atlanta University has a good program for your learning progress.

 The School's curriculum is designed to develop and enhance general management skills and to prepare students to lead and manage major corporations or their own businesses. In response to industries' expressed desire that our students become especially attuned to the demands and expectations of aspiring managers in today's business organizations, and to the measures and criteria used to determine business success, the School is committed to training students to master and exceeds these measures beyond the 21st century. Our record of achievement is clear!

This is the Web site for Clark Atlanta University

Hopes for the Future:


What these workers do

Secretaries make appointments, put files in order, write letters, and talk on the phone. They may also make travel plans. Secretaries sometimes work in groups to share the work. Secretaries use computers, fax machines, and copiers. A secretary must make sure that the information that leaves the office is right. Other people in the office rely on secretaries to keep things going well.

Some secretaries are called executive secretaries. These secretaries have more duties. Some make reports and train others. Other secretaries work in one field, such as medicine or law. Medical secretaries help doctors keep track of patients. Legal secretaries work with lawyers.


One half of all secretaries, excluding legal and medical secretaries, earned between $18,770 and $29,400 a year in 1998. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $14,410 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $36,050. Legal secretaries earn more and medical secretaries slightly less.

Salaries vary a great deal, depending on differences in skill, experience, and level of responsibility.

] What the job is like

Most secretaries work in offices. These offices can be in small or large companies, hospitals, schools, or banks. Secretaries often must sit for long periods at a time. Also, they spend a lot of time keyboarding on computers. Sometimes these working conditions cause eye strain and wrist problems.

Some companies let secretaries work at different times of the day. They also may be permitted to do some of their work at home. Most secretaries work 40 hours a week, but some work part time.

Preparing for the job

Secretaries should be good at keyboarding, grammar, and talking with others. They need to know how to use a word processor. They may also need to know other software programs. Secretaries must operate different office equipment. Employers want their secretaries to get along well with others. They should also be well organized and honest. A high school diploma is needed for most full-time jobs. Once they have a job, secretaries often must take courses to update their skills. Medical and legal secretaries need special training.


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Created July 2002 at the CyberCamp, Founders Library, Howard University, Washington, DC 20059