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About Me

I'm a 12 year old boy. I'm a young American. I have a lot fun. People like me once they get to know me.


Telling the Story

Nelly Biography: Cornell Haynes, Jr., better know as rap artist Nelly, got his start when his parents decided to move to a suburb near the city after Nelly ran into some trouble in the streets of St. Louis. During his period in the suburbs, Nelly kept himself busy with baseball and rhyming, two things he was superior at. Soon he joined the rap group known as the St. Lunatics. The group released the single "Gimme What Ya Got," which did very well locally, but they were unable to find a record label that would sign them. So the group decided Nelly was to go solo because he would have a better chance to get signed on his own. The group proved to be right; Nelly caught the attention of Universal, who released his very successful debut album, Country Grammar, in 2000.


People I Admire

The Great African American Preacher, Dr. Howard Thurman, While Dean of Rankin Chapel at Howard University, he took a group of people from the University  to talk to GANDHI!


Dream Vacation

I want to have a nice quiet vacation at Jamaca!

I want to swim in the wavy water!



Personal Goals

I want to go to Yale University. I want to have 1-3 children. I'll be very successful.

Hopes for the Future

I want to have world peace and be a lawyer.





Created July 2002 at the CyberCamp, Founders Library, Howard University, Washington, DC 20059