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About Me

I am Ugo. I am 13 years old I was born in Montreal, Canada and I now live in Federal Way, Washington. I like sports, games, animation, technology and reading. What I like to do in my free time are games. I play my cd-roms on the computer. My favorite video game system is Playstation 2 and my favorite Video game is Final Fantasy 8. I love sports.  My favorite sports are hockey, basketball, and soccer. I am a real Japanese animation freak. I love Anime and Manga and My favorite television show is Dragonball Z.

I love technology and learning about computers, software and many other audio visual things.  I would like to be a computer engineer if I'm not a doctor. I also like reading.  I love to read books that tell of adventure, fantasy or, sometimes, war. My favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien,  J.K. Rowling, and Tom Clancy ( Clancy's book Rainbow Six rocked!) and that's all about me.

Telling The Story

The two griots that I am going to talk about are Jay Z  and Harriet Powers .

I will start with Jay Z. His real name is Sean Carter. He was born on December the 4, 1970 in Brooklyn, N.Y.  He made his solo debut in 1995 with the single "In My Lifetime." The reason he is a griot is because he speaks about his past. He constantly thanks people who helped him with his songs. Carter's lyrics are poetic, but they still have the same power to change the choices of young listeners. His latest CD was The Blueprint, which won him two Gammy awards and, not to mention, millions of dollars.


Harriet Powers was born into slavery in Athens, Georgia on October 29, 1837. She was trained as a seamstress and made quilts. She made her more famous quilts when she became free after the Civil War. She brought her quilts to be put up on display at a Georgia cotton fair where she met  Jennie Smith. Mrs. Smith saw the talent in the quilt and asked to buy it.  Powers said no. Later on when Powers needed financial aid she sold the quilts to Smith. The reason she is a great griot is because she mixes in a European style in her quilts. Her quilt tell of Bible stories, her life,  the past, and Astronomical phenomena.


People I admire

The person that I admire is Doctor Ben Carson. He is a great person.  By reading his biography,  I learned a lot. Ben Carson did not have a great start in life; he lived in a bad part of town; he moved to different places; and he faced racism.  At one point, he started to do bad in school but his mom never let him quit; therefore, he never quit. He has taught me that no matter who you are or where you're from, you can always do great things. He is a neurosurgeon and I hope to be one when I grow up. Ben Carson is not only my role model  but my inspiration and that is why I admire him.

My Dream Vacation

My dream Vacation is in Jamaica. I would be there for six days and seven nights. Jamaica has a tropical hot humid temperature so it would be good to bring some summer clothing. It would be easier to buy things there because one JMD is smaller than 1 $.  I would go to Kingston's beaches and relax. There are many things going on in Jamaica and it looks like a fun place. The food  has an African taste but they don't use as much pepper. I would really love to go to Jamaica. 


Personal Goals

I want to finish college or university or both.  I want to get in a medical department so I can practice and learn how to be a neurosurgeon. That is my number one priority in life--to make something good of myself. I want to be able to help the sick and studying hard is going to get me there and that is my main goal in life.

Hopes For The Future

I hope that I can end up being a doctor. I've always wanted to be a doctor but after reading Ben Carson's Biography "Gifted Hands," I'm really serious about it now. I would like to do something great that would go down in history or be internationally known. Those are my hopes for the future.



Created July 2002 at the CyberCamp, Founders Library, Howard University, Washington, DC 20059