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Washington, D.C. History

Washington's history began on the Potomac River, long before it became the nation's capitol. Use the following sites to answer questions about the city and its neighborhoods.


D.C History

History of the District of Columbia

DC City Pages: The City of Washington, DC



OTP-D.C. Neighborhoods

The Adams-Morgan & Reed-Cooke, Washington DC Page Adams-Morgan: a Multi-cultural Magnet

Earth Operations Central: Dupont Circle

Capitol Hill

CSNA Homepage

D.C. Home Page

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  1. Which Spanish admiral sailed the Potomac River in 1571?
  2. By what name is the early Indian settlement Nacotchtant now called?
  3. On what date did Congress authorize the establishment of a federal district?
  4. When was the U.S. capitol moved from Philadelphia to the Potomac River?
  5. What was the population of the capital on the Potomac River in 1800? How many free Negroes lived in the capital at that time?
  6. When was the first large parcel of land purchased in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood? By whom was the land purchased?
  7. What is the name of the fresh food market that opened in the Capitol Hill area in 1872?
  8. Which building in D.C. has the largest room under a single roof? When did the building first open?
  9. Which states gave up land to form the city of Washington, D.C.?
  10. In which neighborhood is Banneker Circle and Fountain located?
  11. Which neighborhood is Washington's "United Nations"?
  12. Where did many prominent blacks live in the first half of the 20th century?
  13. What street in Adams Morgan is known for its restaurants?
  14. Which neighborhood is one of the five points of the Great Inverted Pentagram of Washington, D.C.?
  15. Which roadway is known as "Embassy Row"?
  16. Which ward has the greatest number of historic landmarks and the most historic districts?
  17. Which of the eight wards is the smallest geographically?
  18. Which ward has the largest Latino population?
  19. Whose home is near the U.S. Marine Barracks?
  20. In which neighborhood is the "New U" located?
  21. For which black leader is a park on 16th Street Northwest named?
  22. For which President was a memorial dedicated in 1997?
  23. How much did it cost to renovate the Reagan Airport?

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