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Many citizens of Washington have made significant contributions to American life. Some have had an international impact. Select three persons and write a summary of the information you find. Include such facts as date of birth, ancestry, education, present occupation, and hobbies or special interests. Include the URL for any sites that you use.

Emile Berliner

Lesson Plan for Elizabeth Catlett

Elizabeth Catlett

Catlett, Elizabeth

Dr. Charles Drew…ctsandgraphics/blackhist/drew.html

Charles R. Drew

Charles Richard Drew: Physician, Surgeon

Charles Richard Drew

The Edward Kennedy Ellington Pages

Interview with Katherine Graham

Online NewsHour: Katherine Graham-February 6, 1997

WIC Biography-Helen Hayes

Helen Hayes

Welcome to Grant

James Hoban

Shirley Ann Jackson

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

Shirley Ann Jackson: Theoretical Physicist

JCN: Book Reviews

Jewish Heroes in America

John Mercer Langston-African American Historical Figure

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Wysiwyg: //70/…congress/104/dc/dc-al-a/index.html

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

Eleanor Holmes Norton Biography

Norton, Eleanor Holmes

Norman F. Ramsey Winner of the 1989 Nobel Prize in Physics


The Poetry Registry RealAudio Webcasts

Chita Rivera

Leonard Rose

Pete Sampras

John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)

About the Sousa Home Page

Toomer, Jean

Jean Toomer

The San Antonio College LitWeb Jean Toomer Page

The Jean Toomer Pages

Wideman, John Edgar

John Edgar Wideman

Salon| John Edgar Wideman


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