Thomas Jefferson Memorial Junior High School
8th and H St. SouthWest, Washington, DC 20024
Founded in 1882
Ward 2
Purpose of Thomas Jefferson Memorial Junior High School

Jefferson JHS is a secondary school that educates students in grades ranging from 7th to 9th (12 years old to 15 years old). Jefferson is a school that is very focused, it is a school that no matter what subject you take, they WILL make sure that you master every topic and area! Jefferson is known as one of the best in the NATION (this was stated by congress in the mid-1900's).

Jefferson's Name

All of the following information can found in Jefferson's file at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Junior High School, 8th and H St., SW, has the unique distinction of being the only school in the nation(as of 1972) to have been named, by an act of Congress, as a memorial to a U.S. President.

Brief History

Jefferson was founded in 1882, however it opened as a Junior High School in 1924 at the site of 6th and Virginia Ave., SW. It was originally one of the first five in the District of Columbia. The highest number of applications for admissions that Jefferson received were 600 which was in the 60's. The majority of the principals at Jefferson were white males until 23 years ago (from 1998),  when a well known black female named Dr. Vera M. White came and up held the honor of Jefferson.

Dr. Vera M. White
  Since her introduction of character education into Jefferson Junior High School, Washington,DC  where she serves as principal, Vera White has transformed the school both socially and academically. Her belief in character education, a deliberate  effort  to teach right and wrong through good example, the curriculum and total school environment, is instrumental in the culture of the school.

Under Ms. White, character education has become  a powerful vehicle for a academic achievement for her minority student body. Attendance is among the highest in the District of Columbia's schools.

Ms. White has accomplished all this by harnessing the resources of all members of her school community-the students themselves, their parents, community and corporate leaders and teachers- to help students discover, believe and demonstrate that they  can learn and succeed in whatever they wish to accomplish.

Sport at Jefferson

Boys and Girls Basketball
Boys and Girls Track
 Jefferson will give you DJ'ed parties on almost every special occasion!!

Clubs at Jefferson



Other Clubs at Jefferson

Math Count's
Student Government
Class Office

Enrollment at Jefferson

Enrollment at Jefferson ranges from 600 to 800. At Jefferson many students (80%) come from all over the District of Columbia and from Maryland just to go to Jefferson. Jefferson has almost every culture in the United States; however, there aren't many whites at our school.

If you have at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA), and above grade level test scores then you will have a VERY good chance of getting accepted. It may take a while to be notified because every year the staff has at least 250 applications to look through. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO APPLY.

For application for admissions contact, the main office at:

Thomas Jefferson Memorial Junior High School (known as just "Jefferson Junior High School")
8th and H St. SouthWest
Washington, DC 20024
(202) 724-4881

Competing School

Our competing school is Alice Deal. They are a very good school as well, however we are still the best and reining Champions!!

Jefferson participated in a CyberCamp held at Howard University's FOUNDERS LIBRARY.