My School: Ron Brown

Name of building and how it got its name?
Ronald Brown is a school named for the secretary of commerce who had worked with Bill Clinton's campaign for the presidency of the United States. The school was formerly named Roper Middle School.

What is the location of you school?(street,neighborhood,ward#)
Ronald Brown Middle School is located on 48th & Meade St. NE, in Ward 7.

Purpose of the building?
The purpose of renaming the building is to remember Ronald Brown as one of the greatest Black public officials.

The signficant events that have happen?
One of the signficant events that occurred was the opening ceremony of the school in June.

Who are the famous people connected with the school?
Some famous people connected with Ron or the school are our Mayor Marion Barry and, soon to be mayor, Kevin Chavous.

 Ronald Brown
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