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Biographical Exercise

The Gale Group's Black History Month Web site and its Biography Resource Center,  Homework Central's biographical files, the Smithsonian's Spotlight Biography, and Norfolk Academy's Web Pages of Famous People will provide biographical data on most of the prominent Americans.
Additional resources, such as Britannica Lives, may be accessed from the Founders Library Digital Resources section of the home page.

1.  Use the "Timeline" on the Gale Black History Month web site to identify significant events that occurred in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Make note of any dates that relate to the person that you are writing about for your camp project..

2. Go to the "Activities" section of the Gale web site and locate any groups that pertain to your project.  For example, if you are writing about a dancer, check to see if the Gale source has information about Black dance troupes. Save any useful information that you find.

3.  Next, search the "Business and Advertising" section to find entrepreneurs associated with entertainers or athletes (week one), educators or community organizations (week two), scientists or engineers (week three), or newspapers or environmental services (week four).  Do you think the person's business has any impact on what goes on in your neighborhood or at your school?

4.  Look at the "Black Award Winners." Is the person that you are writing about included as an award winner?  If not, do you think any of the winners had a direct influence on the person you are writing about?  Could any of the winners serve as your role model?

5.  Think about one of the biographies you just read and/or glance at the Smithsonian's Interview Checklist to help you prepare  five or six questions to ask a professor in a face-to-face interview or through e-mail.

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