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Take a tour of the Virtual Ellis Island Museum   and jot down your impressions of the museum.  Next, look over the Historical Immigration Pictures.   Look at the port of entry that Chinese immigrants used. What are some of the similarities in these web sites?  How do these sites differ?

Go on the  Black History Tour via  postage stamps or review the Smithsonian's exhibit on Black Mosaic: Community, Race, and Ethnicity Among Black Immigrants in Washington, D.C.  See also the Ethnic Mosaic of the Quad Cities.  Now try out the Interactive Black History Treasure Hunt.

Use the summary data on the American Immigration Home Page  to answer the questions below.

  1. From which countries did people emigrate between 1607 and 1890?
  2. What drew the majority of the early immigrants to  America?
  3. Did similar factors draw African Americans from the rural South to the urban North?
  4. How were newcomers treated by Americans who were already in the area?
  5. What job opportunities did newcomers have?
  6. Did newcomers try to blend in (assimilate) or were they content to remain separate?
People continue to emigrate to the United States from other countries. What have you done (or what could you do)  to help newcomers adjust to your school or  neighborhood?

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