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CyberCamp Project

No one is an island, entire unto himself or herself.  Each person is molded and shaped by circumstances and experiences occurring between infancy and adulthood.  You are invited to share your opinions about how  families and communities shape a person's character or influence his or her career choice. Please construct a web page describing an individual who has made positive contributions to the city, the nation, or the world.

Your web page on a notable achiever should include:

Before you begin creating your web page, read "Organization and Style."   If you have mastered the basics, you can try "Spicing Up Your Site."

Your report is due by 11  a.m. on the fifth day of the camp week.

Sample Web sites:
Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man
Biographical Information on Toni Morrison
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Medgar Evers
Thurgood Marshall
The Portsmouth, NH Black Elders

Sources to Consult:
50 States and Capitals
Academy of Achievement
Black History Month
Black Mosaic: Community, Race, and Ethnicity Among Black Immigrants in Washington, DC
Britannica Internet
Early Americans
The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences
The Founders Digital Library
Maryland's African-American Heritage
Washington, D.C. Wards
Welcome to the District of Columbia

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