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Your Internet Browser has a search button that opens up various search engines. The article from Nueva entitled "Choose the Best Engine for Your Purpose", makes helpful suggestions for starting a search. In accordance with the article, we will adopt Yahooligans
as the official camp engine.  Please compare Yahooligans with Britannica Internet.

Enter "Native Americans" in both Yahooligans and Britannica Internet. How many articles does each search retrieve? Compare results when you use "American Indians." What happens when you include the Boolean operator, "AND," between the words? Now look for "Native American music."

Check the Information Please Kids' Almanac  and Ask Jeeves for Kids for information about "Native American music."  How do these databases compare with the search engines you used?

Click the home button or type in the URL for Founders Library, .   Click on Digital Resources and select one of the databases from the General and Multidisciplinary Studies section.   Work together with your team members and counselor to identify five articles related to the CyberCamp focus for this week. Print out your citations.

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