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H. Patrick Swygert
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                                                                          President of Howard University

   President H. Patrick Swygert, 58, assumed the helm of the nation's only historically Black research institution Howard University  in 1995. Since his arrival at the University,  he has been crafting a strategy to carry the institution into the twenty-first century on a more stable financial footing, from which it will be poised to lead the nation in shaping and implementing the academic and research agenda for African Americans in the next millennium.


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                                         I've been here not quite
                                         three years. The
                                         university has been here
                                         131 years. I think it
                                         would be presumptuous of
                                         me to speak in terms of a
                                         culture change in such a
                                         short period of time.
                                        The way I like to look at it
                                        is that my faculty and the
                                        students are moving in a
                                        way that is positive, as they
                                        define positive, and I try to
                                        help them with that definition.
                                                                March 1998

The Board of Trustees elected President Swygert  on April 22, 1995. Once  elected,  he immediately began to take action! "I have sought to move expeditiously while making the process a collaborative effort involving the Trustees, students, faculty, staff, and alumni."

    In accepting the appointment, Mr.Swygert said,"I do have a vision for Howard and this is a shared vision with the board of trustees, faculty, students, staff and alumni-based on Howard, continuing to address academic excellence in all things that represent the hallmark of Howard. I look forward to building upon the Howard tradition."

    Mr.Swygert was president of the State University of New York at Albany, a public research university, from 1990 until accepting the presidency at Howard.

    Currently,  H. Patrick Swygert is a member of many associations. The Howard Law School alumna is a member of the District of Columbia Bar, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bar and the State of New York Bar.  He is also a Trustee of the Institute of Public Administration in New York.

    Mr.Swygert's many achievements have led to his receiving awards such as Outstanding Educator Award, the Tree of Life Award,  and the Frederick Douglass Society Freedom Fighter Award.

                                                 The Mission

The University's mission is central to everything we do and is found in a 1989 resolution of the Board of Trustees.  


        I  commend Mr. Swygert for being such an outstanding role model and a wonderful person. Mr. Swygert has achieved many goals and accomplished many things. I believe that he still has the energy to accomplish and achieve so much more!

   Thank you for visiting my web page on Mr. H. Patrick Swygert. I hope you have enjoyed reading about him as much as I have enjoyed learning about him. Thank you very much!