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Patricia Roberts Harris
Patricia Roberts Harris

    Patricia Roberts Harris was born on May 31, 1924. She grew up in Mattoon, Illinois.
Her parents' names were Bert Fitzgerald and Hildren Brodie (Johnson) Roberts. Patricia was one of two children. Her brother was named  Malcom Roberts. Patricia  married  an attorney named William Beasley Harris on September 1, 1955.


    Patricia attended Englewood High School, and then was offered a scholarship at  Howard University . Patricia graduated from Howard University in 1945; then she started graduate work at the University of Chicago. At 35, Mrs. Harris took some classes at George Washington University Law School and graduated first in her class in 1960.


    Mrs. Harris became the program director of the Chicago Young Women's Christian Association(YWCA). Some years later,   in 1963, Mrs. Harris moved back to the District and accepted a position as the Assistant Director at the American Council on Human Rights, which is a DC civil rights agency.
    When  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority established a national a headquarters they put out a call for someone to be a lead administrative officer, and Mrs. Harris responded to the call. Mrs. Harris started to work at Howard University as associate dean of students and lecturer in law, but that was interrupted in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson who named Mrs. Harris to be Ambassador of Luxembourg.


Mrs. Patricia Roberts Harris died on March 23,1985 of cancer. Her husband, Mr. William Beasley Harris, died in November of 1984 of a stroke.

Here are some accomplishments of Mrs.Patricia Roberts Harris:

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