Name:  Chris Tucker
''That's my dog.  That's my dog.''
This is one of the quotes from the movie Friday. Friday is one of the first movies starring this Atlanta native, Chris Tucker.

As the youngest of  six children, Tucker relied on comedy as a means of gaining attention from his older brothers. Chris was a class clown during his days at Decatur's Columbia High school.

Even though Chris did  not attend college,  he received a money-making job at a nightclub. There he discovered he wanted to go primetime.

His first break was Def Comedy Jam where hip-hop actors Kid and Play discovered him. He was going to be in House Party 3. Even though he was only in a scene for two minutes, the part led to bigger roles. Friday is one the  funniest movie in his career. He played dope dealer named Smokey.

After Friday he played in a drama movie called Dead Presidents.  Even though the movie was not a box office hit, it got him a role in the movie Fifth Element where he was a cross dresser.   The next year he starred in the box office hit ''Money Talks.''  He starred as a runaway convict.

 Even though  Chris  makes a lot of money he still keeps in touch with his family roots. Chris still goes to the same night club where he got his first big gig. Chris has been in eight movies,  including three box-office hits: MoneyTalks, Rush Hour, and Friday.

Chris is currently single and  lives in Los Angeles.

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