Never say Never!!!!

The talented singer, Brandy Norwood 
Brandy Norwood was born on February 11,1979 in Macomb, Mississppi but she moved to southern California.  She is the daughter of a minister and a financial analyst mother.  Brandy has been singing since her childhood together with her parents in their church. Brandy used to sing with her father   to improve on her vocal skills.  A Major change in her life came about when Whitney Houston came into the world of R&B.  Her spark to motivation and influence was her father and Whitney Houston.

Brandy was going out and doing a lot of talent shows and stuff like that and she ran into a producer.  At the age of 14 Brandy went to Atlantic Records and that's where she got her record deal.  She was signed by Darryl William. Brandy is to be the next MEGA-SUCCESS to follow MC Lyte, All-4-One, and Changing Faces.

 The new CD called "Never S-A-Y Never"!!!!

Release date: 6/9/1998
Original Release date: 1998
Label: Alantic
Guest Artists: Monica, Mase, and Bebe Winanas
               ******Present Day*****
Brandy lives in L.A with her mother,Sonja who is 42 and her father, Willie who is 47, and her brother, Ray J who is 15 .  Brandy is not married but has a boyfriend.
                Brandy's Pictures!!!!!

 Here is a picture of      Here is a picture of
  Brandy in the video      Brandy in the making
  Have You Ever             of I Still Know.
 gThis is a picture of Brandy
                                      just having fun!!!
 A picture of Brandy at a concert
on stage performing all her hits from BRANDY, NEVER SAY
 NEVER, and Sittin' Up in My Room!  For the concert, the audience got to see
 Brandy perform On Top of the World, as she was suspended in air on wires
 and a harness, doing flips and other moves in the air.  Ray-J made a
 special appearence during THE BOY IS MINE, making it extra
 special for the ladies in the audience. At the end of the concert,
 Brandy dissapeared from the stage. The pavillion started clearing. She started singing in the dark, then reappeared on the stage for her real finale, EVERYTHING I DO.

 By:Charelle Jeffries