Joe Clark

        The Mighty Joe Clark!! 

 Joe Clark was born in Rochelle,Georgia. He served in the United States Army Reserve from 1958-1966.  Joe recieved a B.A from New Jersey's William Patterson College in 1960 and he got his master's degree from Seton Hall in 1974. Between that time he served on the Board of Education and he was a coordinator of language arts from 1979. Then he began his career as school principal.

Joe recieved the NAACP community service award.  He was also named the New Jerseyan  of the  year by The Newark Star-Ledger in 1983. The next year the New Jersey Monthly  named him an outstanding educator. In 1985 Joe Clark appeared in Washington, D.C to receive honors at a presidential conference on academic and disciplinary excellence. He also received awards from Seton Hall and Farleigh Dickinson University. The National School Safety Center gave Clark the  Principal of leadership in 1986,and the National Association bestowed their humanitarian award upon him in 1988.  
                    The Best-Known Joe Clark!!!

Joe Clark was best-known as the fiesty, dedicated, baseball bat-wielding school principal portrayed in the film "Lean On Me". Joe Clark has served as an exemplar of school discipline and boasts a distinguished records of achievements. Joe Clark was a 14- year old member of the New Jersey Board of Education and an elementary and secordary school principal since 1979. He also appeared in various newspapers and magazines.
                   **Pictures of Joe Clark's Family**

This is a picture of Joe Clark's son clockng his sisters.

[Full Size Picture]This is a picture of Joe's daughters (top to bottom) Joetta, Jearl, and Hazel!

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