Jewel Plummer Cobb 
    Born in Chicago, IL on January 17, 1924 Jewell Cobb was ready for life and has made it worth while. She earned a Bachelor of Science from Talladega College in 1944. She earned a Master of Science from New    York University in 1947. Dr. Cobb earned a Ph.D. in Cellular Biology from New York University in 1950. Since 1990 Dr. Jewell Cobb has been President and Professor of Biological Science, Emerita, at California State University at Fullerton, and Trustee Professor at California State University, Los Angeles.

    Dr. Cobb's family valued education. Dr. Cobb’s mother had strong views about the value of education. While in high school, she took extra courses in biology so that she would be prepared for further studies. By having the extra knowledge she made herself a great and well known doctor. :-)

By D.C.Larry