Andrew Jackson Young 

This is the timeline for Andrew Jackson Young Jr.

March , 1932- Andrew Jackson Young Jr. was born to Andrew and Daisy Fuller Young in New Orleans.

June , 1951- Andrew Young graduates from Howard University and begins the study of ministry at Hartford Theological Seminary.

June 1952- Andrew Young sets up a summer Bible school and recreation program at a small church in Marion, Alabama.

Summer 1952- Andrew meets his wife Jean Childs for the first time!!

May 17, 1954- The Supreme Court decision in the Brown vs. Board of Education case overrules the doctrine of "separate but equal " established in Plessy vs. Ferguson.

June 7, 1954- Andrew marries Jean and returns to Hartford.

December 1955- The Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott begins, sparked by Rosa Parks who was an NAACP activist who refused to give up her seat to a white man.

1955 In Thomasville, the tremors of Brown vs. Board of Education have yet to be felt in the town's segregated schools. Southern political leaders show in editorials, speeches, proclamations, and by their actions that they will defy Court and never desegregate.

February 1957- The Southern Christian Leadership Council is founded by  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. after his tremendous success in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

May 1957- The civil rights leadership holds a Prayer Pilgrimage Washington, then the largest civil rights demonstration in American history.

July 1957- Andrew Young moves to New York to work as National Council of Churches associate director in their Youth Department.

Fall 1957- Andrew Young goes to Little Rock to meet with the Little Rock Council of Churches shortly after President Eisenhower had sent in troops to enforce the Supreme Court's school desegregation decree.

January 1960- Ella Baker who was an NAACP  organizer leaves SCLC to found the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNNC).

January 1961- NBA airs an hour-long program "The Nashville Sit-In
Story" about four students from AT&T College in Greensboro who sat at a Woolworth's lunch counter where blacks weren't served. The sit-in movement spread like wildfire and by February sit-ins had been staged by African American students across the South.

August 1961- Andrew Young moves to Atlanta to work with  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and joined the senior staff of SCLC.

Winter 1961- Albany becomes the major focus of SNCC after a group  of students take a bus from Atlanta to Albany and what became known as "the Movement" began, a spin-off from the Freedom Riders, a small interracial group led by the Congress of Racial Equality.

May 1963- Degregation agreement reached in Birmingham with Andrew Young as the key negotiator.

June 1963- President Kennedy sends Civil Rights bill to Congress.

June 1963- President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas.

  August 1964- Andrew Young and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. support efforts of grassroots leader Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.

Spring 1965- Andrew Young was involved in Selma to Montgomery March and dramatization of the need for a Voting Rights Act.

April 4, 1968- Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated on the balcony of a hotel in Memphis.

June 5, 1968- Robert Kennedy is assassinated in Los Angeles during the Democratic Convention.

June 19, 1968- The Poor People's Campaign culminated in the Solidarity Day Rally for Jobs, Peace, and Freedom. Fifty thousand people gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

1968-1970 Andrew Young continues to work with the ailing SCLC.

1970- Andrew Young wins the Democratic nominated for Georgia's 5th Congressional District, but is defeated in the general election. He is appointed Chairman of Atlanta's Community Relations Commission.

1972- Andrew Young is elected to Congress representing the Fifth Congressional District of Georgia and serves three terms.

1977- After campaigning for former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter's presidential bid Andrew is appointed to serve as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Under his leadership the U.S.takes an active role in negotiations for the independence of Namibia and Zimbabwe.

1979- Andrew resigns as UN Ambassador.

1981 Andrew is elected mayor of Atlanta for his first term!!!

1985- Andrew Young is re-elected as mayor and under his administration over a million job were created and the Metropolitan region attracted more than $70 million dollars in investments and construction.

1990- Andrew Young mounts unsuccessful bid for Governor of Georgia. With Andrew Young as co-chair of the Atlanta Organizing Committee, Atlanta is awarded the Centennial Olympic Games.

September 1994- Jean Childs Young, Andrew's wife for over 40 years, dies of cancer.

 1995- President Bill Clinton appoints Andrew Young Chairman of the new Southern African Enterprise Development Fund (SAEDFG). This $100 million fund will help establish small and medium- sized businesses throughout Southern Africa.

1996- The Centennial Olympic Games held in Atlanta.

This is Andrew Young at the age of 68!!
        "Keep Living Strong Andrew," I Adore You!!!!

 The Wonderful Andrew Jackson Young Jr.

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