Gettin' Jiggy With Wild Wild Will _______________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the Will Smith Website Biography with lots of pictures and much much more !!!!           Will Smith is the best African-American entertainer out there. He was born on September 25, 1968 to Willard and Carolina Smith in Phillidelphia, Pa. He grew-up there and got his nickname "Prince" from his grade school teacher because he was charming and smooth talking! Will started rapping when he turned 12 yrs old, and later became partners with Jazzy Jeff. Will Smith became very successful and was a millionaire by 18. He was also offered a scholarship from MIT but refused because he wanted to  further his career in entertainment.  By 20 yrs. old WIll Smith and Jazzy Jeff had made two albums that went platnuim. One of them was his album titled "He's the DJ, and I'm the Rapper", which included the song "Parents Just Don't Understand."     In 1990 the tv show "Fresh Prince of BelAir" (which Will was the star of) premiered. In 1992 Will C. "Trey" Smith III was born to Will Smith and Sheree Zampino. In 1993 Will Smith did the movie "Six Degrees of Separation", while "Fresh Prince" was still going strong. Two years later in 1995 Will Smith and Sheree Zampino were divorced. He was also in the movie "Bad Boys" with Martin Lawrence. Almost a year later Will Smith starred in the movie "Independence Day." A year later (1997) he stared in the movie "Men In Black." That November he released his new album "Big Willie Style" which included songs "Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It,"  "Just the Two of Us,"  "Men in"Black," and "Miami." On NewYear's Eve ('97) he and Jada Pinkett were married. In July of 1998 Jaden Christopher Syre Smith was born to Will And Jada Smith. Within the same year Will won a grammy for best rap solo performance in "Men In Black."  He also won a MTV award for best rap video for "Just the Two of Us,"  and for the best male video  "Just the Two of Us."  He stared in the movie "Enemy of State."  In 1999 (Jan.) he  won the American Music Awards for "favorite male artist", "favorite album" and "favorite male soul/r&b artist". Will also stared in the movie "Wild Wild West."     This concludes th Wild Wild Will Website made by Katherine "Lil' Baby Orange" "Kit-Kat" Scott.