Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett was born in New York,N.Y.USA on August 16,1958.She grew up by the church.When she was in the eleventh grade she joined a group called Upward Bound and went on a field trip to the Kennedy Center to see the production ''Of Mice and Men.''She went to the college called Yale when she graduated she earned her B.A. for acting and her M.F.A for drama. When she got out of college with honors she meet a director named Lloyd Richards and she acted on Broadway production for 2 plays called Ma Rainy's Black Bottom '' and ''Joe Turner's Come and Gone.'' When Angela Bassett was in showbiz she also acted in the movie Contact,How Stella Got Her Groove Back,and the drama Wings Against the Wind and many other movies, TVshows and drama.What I like about Angela Bassett is that she is a very good actor in many TVshows, movies she was in the newspaper, and on the news.
                                                                          Created by: Kellie Washington

Angela Bassett in showbiz.