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Performing Artists and Athletes


A significant number of African Americans have excelled in the performing arts and athletics.  Some persons like Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and Alvin Ailey have have been immortalized by institutions named for them.. Please use the sources listed in the Biographical Exercise, the databases listed as Founders Library Digital Resources,  or the sources listed on the Search Engines and Databases  page to find  information about a nationally known performing artist or athlete whom you admire. If you locate a lengthy interview on the Internet, you may summarize the interview and tell how you think the person's family, school friends and teachers, neighborhood, community organizations, and college and/or job training contributed to his or her success.

An example of an informative  interview is Marsalis on Music Online.  (If  you are studying music, click here to test your musical knowledge using Marsalis' interactive Making Music quiz.)

Complete the chart below for some of the artists and athletes that are on the "Net."
Name Birthplace College or School Field of Fame Honors Rec'd Advice or Motto
Debbie Allen
Angela Bassett
Bill Cosby
Bill Duke
Danny Glover
Jasmine Guy
Lauryn Hill
Whitney Houston
Samuel L. Jackson
Jessye Norman
Judith Jamison
Michael Jordan
Spike Lee
Frank Robinson
Wesley Snipes
Denzel Washington
Julius P. Williams
Vanessa Williams
Tiger Woods

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