Clarence Page, Journalist  

Clarence Page

Career Highlights


. Mr. Page was employed at the Chicago Tribune for eleven years 
as a reporter, then as assistant city editor.


. Clarence is a essayist at The NewsHour and a frequent member of the
   program's panel of regional newspaper editors and columnists
.Clarence is an occasional guest panalist on the McLaughlin Group.

.Clarence has been a community affairs director, reporter and planning editor
   at WBBM-TV
  He is  a writer  for Chicago Magazine, The Chicago Reader,Washington Monthly,
  The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, New York Newsday, and Emerge.

Awards Honors

Clarence won a Pulitzer for participating in a 1972  Chicago Tribune Task
Force series on voter fraud.
.Clarence won a Illinios UPI Awards for community service.

. Clarence won a American Civil Liberties Union James P. McGuire Award
for his columns on constitutional rights.

. Clarence won a Pulitzer PrizePulitzer Prize for commentary.

Late 1960's

.Page graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor's degree in
  journalism.  He completed a year as an intern with the Journal-Herald in Dayton.
Personal Information
. Clarence Page was born.

. Clarence now lives in Washington,D.C., is married, and has one child.

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