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Scientists, Physicians, Engineers and Inventors

African American ingenuity  has been documented since the 17th century.  Begin your survey of our scientific and technical heritage with The Real McCoy, African American Invention and Innovation, 1619-1930.  Then  skim Kenneth R. Manning's article on "Science and Opportunity" for an overview of some of the hurdles African American scientists have had to overcome.  Or, if the medical profession is of interest, read James G. McPherson's article "Courage Under Fire: Minority Surgeons Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

Look at the biographies of Great African American Inventors and Engineers. You will also find  persons like former Howard University professors Charles Drew, Percy Julian and Ernest Just among the men and women in nearly every website, including The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.  Complete the chart below working in groups of three or four. Consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook to find out what kind of educational background is required for entry into the specialized occupation of one of the individuals below or of the person about whom you are preparing a web page.
Herman Branson
Benjamin Carson, M.D.
Jewel Plummer Cobb
Marie M. Daly
James A. Donaldson
Lawrence Ellison
Philip Emeagwali
Frederick D. Gregory
Warren E. Henry
Freeman A. Hrabowski, Jr.
Shirley Jackson
James H. Johnson
Mae C. Jemison
Walter E. Massey
Jesse M. Nicholson
Lutrelle Parker
Alvin F. Poussaint
David Satcher
John B. Slaughter


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