Chris Tucker

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        Chris Tucker is the youngest of six children.  He was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  He attended Decatur's Columbia High School. When he graduated, he was known as the most humorous person in the class.  At the age of 19 he decided to go in the comedy business. He head to L.A.

        It took him two years to become famous.  He first started at Def Comedy Jam.  In 1994 Tucker was discovered by rap duo Kid 'n ' Play and was offered a role in the movie House Party 3. He apeared only for two minutes.  In the following year he was offered his first big role with Ice Cube in the ''hood comedy''  Friday.  He played Smokey.

     After that, Tucker mixed comedy with emotion in Dead President.  By 1996, Tucker had a comedy album release and a HBO tv special.  In 1997 Chris Tucker played a cross dresser in The Fifth Element.   He was co-staring with the  famous actor, Bruce Willis.   In 1997 he played his first staring role which was in Money Talks.  After Money Talks, Chris Tucker Played as a small-time hood in the 1997 movie Jackie Brown.   Recently he starred in the hit movie Rush Hour.  He acted with martial arts master, Jackie Chan.

Chris Tucker is now staring with Mariah Carey in an up coming movie Double O-Soul as a secret agent on a mission that he had to complete.    The only problem is, all his partners are all wiped out.


                                                                                                                   By William White
                                                                                                                           Big Will