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Instructional Support Services

Limited to Howard University Faculty

Sessions may be held in the Digital Learning Classroom, Founders Library, Room 116;
in the faculty member's classroom or office; or in the librarian's office.

Class Schedules

Classroom Presentations:
Professors may ask a librarian to visit a classroom to do a demonstration on using the library catalog, a specific database or any other information resource.

Class Handouts, Web Guides, or Library Tour:
As part of course-related library instruction sessions or classroom presentations, professors may ask librarians to create web sites or printed guides for their classes outlining useful resources and research methods. You may also request a library tour for your class.

Course-Related Instruction
Subject specialists/librarians will work cooperatively with faculty to design library instruction that will help students use information resources effectively to complete course assignments. These sessions may include how to develop an effective search strategy;  how to locate library materials on specific subjects; how to distinguish scholarly articles from popular ones; how to search specific resources such as Science Direct or MLA Bibliography; how to search appropriate Internet sites and electronic databases; and how to evaluate and cite resources. Each session includes a bibliography of useful sources. Contact the appropriate information specialist/librarian to schedule a session.  To fill out an instruction request form, click here.

Customized Literature Review
Schedule a consultation to discuss your research with an information specialist. The information counselor will devise strategies for finding information and help set up an alerting service on designated databases. Contact the appropriate information specialist/librarian to schedule a session or click here.

Information Literacy Workshop Series (eligible for CETLA certification)

IL01 Sterling Web and the Internet
Prerequisites: some experience with the Internet.   

This hands-on mediated tutorial is designed for persons who have some experience with using the Internet but desire to enhance their searching skills. Topics include searching Sterling (the online catalog), exploring databases and other reference sources that are accessible via the Howard University Libraries (HUL) Homepage, using search engines to identify image databanks, and evaluating and citing Internet sources. (1 1/2 hours) To schedule, click here.

IL02 Searching Electronic Resources
Prerequisites: some experience with the Internet.

Many Web-based databases in the humanities, the social sciences, and science and technology are accessible via the library homepage. This session includes a selection of these databases and related Internet sites, search tips and strategy, and guides for evaluating and citing electronic resources. (1 1/2 hours) To schedule and individual or small group consultation, click here. See also the schedule of vendor-led Special Workshops that are held periodically.

IL03 Preparing the Resource-Based Syllabus
Prerequisites: IL01 or experience with Blackboard

This 90 minute consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss your syllabus with a reference librarian or subject specialist. During the consultation, the information counselor will review your syllabus for logical points of intersection with information systems. You will collaborate with the information specialist to do at least three of the following:

  • identify a unit in which to incorporate elements of information literacy into your course instruction.
  • devise an assignment or project that promotes the development of critical thinking skills through research based on information retrieval and analysis.
  • develop a rubric for grading written reports according to competency standards.
  • add links to library databases, e-journals, or subject lists in your Blackboard course site.

Contact the appropriate information specialist/librarian to schedule a session, or complete the consultation request form.

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