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Library Search Strategies: Keyword Suggestions

Search Sterling or selected databases to find suitable articles or books. Look at the subject descriptors assigned to relevant articles or books for additional keywords to help modify your search statement.

Foundations of Teaching and Learning
Pedagogy; Instruction; Higher education; Educational theories; Educational practices; Educational trends; Teaching development; Teaching methods; Educational philosophy; Learning theories; Learning strategies; Learning processes; Curriculum development; Adult education; Andragogy

Course Management and Administration
Higher education; Classroom techniques; Course management

Ethics, Human Rights and Equity Issues in Teaching
Ethics; Equity; Inclusivity; Accessibility; Disability; Diversity; Professional ethics; Student ethics; Equalization; Sex differences research; Race differences research; Race identity; Sexual orientation research; Cultural diversity; Multiculturalism; Ethnicity; Learning disability/disabled; Learning disabled education; Universal Instructional Design

Teaching Large Enrolment Courses
Large classes; Lecture method; Class size; Team teaching

Discussion and Tutorial Strategies
Discussion; Discussion method; Discussion groups; Small group instruction; Study groups

Presentation, Representation and Lecturing Strategies
Lecture method; Conceptual learning; Mental representation; External representation; Verbal/Nonverbal learning; Mental models; Visualization; Learning styles; Presentation skills

Teaching for Active Learning, Inquiry and Collboration
Active learning; Inquiry learning; Inquiry method; Collaborative learning; Cooperative learning; Discussion; Student participation; Experiential learning; Problem solving; Constructivism; Social constructivism; Discovery learning; Learner-centered education

Learning Communities
Team learning approach in education; Interdisciplinary approach in education; Group work in education; Peer-group tutoring of students; Reflective teaching; Active learning; Student-centered learning; Problem-based learning; Mentoring in education; Computer conferencing in education
web-based instruction; Education, higher -- computer-assisted instruction; Education, higher -- effect of technological innovations on

Teaching Critical Skills
Critical skills; Critical thinking; Critical thinking teaching; Creative thinking; Critical reading; Writing

Designing Assignments, Exercises and Classroom Activities
Instructional design; Instructional development; Instructional design theories and principles; Lesson plans

Promoting Academic Integrity
Academic integrity; Integrity; Honesty; Ethics; Plagiarism; Cheating; Student ethics; Honor system; Plagiarism resources

Assessing Student Learning
Assessment; Evaluation; Student achievements; Performance-based assessment; Classroom assessment techniques; Evaluation theories and principles; Formative assessment; Testing; Grading; Peer-grading

Evaluating Teaching
Evaluation; Teaching evaluation; Student evaluation of teaching; Teaching methods evaluation; Self-evaluation

Teaching and Technology
Computers; Computer-assisted (instruction); Computer-mediated (communication); Educational technology; Internet education; Internet distance education; Internet resources; Technology-enhanced

TA Teaching Tools: Ideas about Teaching for Graduate Students
Graduate students; Teaching assistants; Tutoring

Adapted from The Centre for the Support of Teaching, York University • Toronto

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