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Sterling Exercises

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Before you begin, print a copy of these exercises.

Try doing these exercises with a classmate or a buddy to increase the effectiveness of  the searching and the brainstorming.

  1. Use the author, title, and keyword modes of searching in Sterling to find the book The Measure of Our Success: A Letter to My Children and Yours by Marian Wright Edelman.  How many ways can you do the search in each mode?  Which mode do you like best?   Why?

  1. Generate a list of all the videos in Sterling on public speaking.    How many are there?  When was the most recent title published?  Which title was produced by Daniel Wilson Productions?  Which search mode did you find to be most effective for this search? 

  1. Which search mode would you use to look for a book if all you know about it is that the author's last name is Shange and that "rainbow" and "colored girls" appear in the title?  Could you use more than one search mode?  If so, which one(s)?  Search for the book in Sterling, using each mode that you think will work.  Which search mode did you find most effective?

  1. Assume that you are writing an essay on "How to Improve Your Exam Grades" and perform the key word search college students and exams.  In the search results is a recent book by Richard Newman entitled The Complete Guide to College Success: What Every Student Needs to Know.  Look at the content notes for this book.  Can you decide from this information whether this book is likely to be useful for your essay?  How can you tell?

  1. Search Sterling for a sound recording of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech I Have a Dream. [Hint: Try a keyword search such as King and dream and sound recording] To which library location would you go to listen to this speech?   According the the summary note in one of the records, when and on what occasion was the speech given?  Which search mode (author, title, keyword) did you find to be  most effective for this search?  Why?

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