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Sterling Quiz
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Read the sentences carefully then choose the best answer to each of the following:

  1. You must come to one of the HU Libraries or one of computer labs on the campus to use Sterling.   True False

  2. You can search Sterling by subject to find journal articles for a term paper.  
    True False

  3. In Sterling, you may look to see if a particular journal title is in one of the HU Libraries.  
    True False

  4. From the Sterling home page, you can click on links to explore subject research guides in African studies, atmospheric sciences, education, English, history, psychology,  music, sociology, and other subject areas.   True False

  5. Search by keyword to look for a word or phrase anywhere in a Sterling record.  
    True False

  6. Subjects are taken from the Library of Congress Subject Headings List.  
    True False

  7. You can search a special section of Sterling to find a book on reserve for a course.   True False

  8. From the Sterling home page, you can click on a link to go to EBSCOHost, an electronic database for articles.   True False

  9. You may check Sterling to see if a particular video is in the Media Center.  
    True False

  10. After you have done an author search in Sterling,  you can begin a title search by clicking on Another Search.   True False

  11. An entry in the Sterling catalog will let you know if a book is on order for one of the Consortium libraries.   True False

  12. The HU online catalog was named after Sterling Brown, the architect of The Founders Library.   True False


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