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New Students Information Assessment
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  1. Founders was designed by an Afro-American architect named
    Paul Williams Vertner Woodson Tandy
    Albert Irvin Cassell Julian Abele

  2. Library hours vary at Howard. Some units are open 5 or 6 days a week, but Founders and the Undergraduate Library are open seven days when regular classes are in session. The HU "digital" library is available 24 hours, seven days a week.   True False

  3. The HU Library System includes specialized libraries for religion, social work, architecture, and business.   True False

  4. The newest library buildings are the Louis Stokes Health Science Library and the Law Library. True False

  5. Manuscripts of prominent blacks are housed in the
    Afro American Studies Resource Center
    Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center
    Moorland Spingarn Research Center

  6. Back issues of the Washington Post and the New York Times are on microfilm in the Periodicals Room of the Undergraduate Library.   True False

  7. The only public area in the main library complex where food may be consumed at any time is in the Student Lounge in the Undergraduate Library.   True False

  8. If you cannot locate the book that you need in a library at Howard, you may request the book on Interlibrary Loan at the Circulation (Loan Services) desk.   True False

  9. Information about an event that occurred a few hours ago may be found through
    a reference book (print) a scholarly journal (print)
    a news magazine (print) the Internet

  10. One way to locate information about a sudden, late-breaking event is to search an information source such as
    an encyclopedic yearbook the current issue of a scholarly journal
    the latest World Almanac Web news site


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