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Freshman Seminar: The Information Challenge

The library component of the Freshman Seminar  is designed to equip you with the ability to find, evaluate, and efficiently use library resources and services.  Choose activity Option A or B after viewing the Prerequisite Web sites to complete the module.

Prerequisites: The Virtual Library Tour
  Strategies for Doing Library Research
  Information Usage Survey

Option A

Step 1 > View e-literate, an 8-minute video, using one of the following links:
e-literate (17,979kb.wmv - requires Windows Media Player
»» e-literate (21,806kb.rm) - requires RealPlayer

Step 2 >Study The Information Cycle Chart and the Information Cycle Timeline (Northwest Missouri State University)

Step 3 > Complete the quiz:  New Student Information Assessment
This 10-point quiz measures recall and understanding of information in the virtual tour and the videos.

Extra Credit > Complete the Sterling Quiz, then read about plagiarism and take the Plagiarism Quiz.

Option B

Step 1 > View Ragtime, The Movie (1981) -- a copy is available in the Media Center, UGL

Step 2 > Read: Facts Become Fantasy: The Making of 'Ragtime' (To explore issues further, read: The Myth of the Melting Pot, Part One: One Nation, Indivisible?)

Step 3 > Complete the quiz: How Library-savvy are you?
This quiz assess your readiness to use the Campus Libraries.

Step 4> Complete the quiz: Ragtime Quiz >>> Note: to complete the quiz, you will need to access proprietary databases. You can either authenticate and complete the quiz
off-campus or complete
the quiz on campus, which requires no authentication.
This quiz measures your ability to use the tools mentioned in the virtual library tour.

Extra Credit > Complete the Sterling Quiz, then read about plagiarism and take the Plagiarism Quiz

For certification, complete: TILT: The Information Literacy Tutorial

For general assistance, contact: A Librarian or Information Counselor

For instruction, sign up for free classes

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