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Ecological and Environmental Biology: Public Parks, Private Property
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Background Information and Resources
Locating Books | Selected Book Titles
Finding Articles
Internet Resources
Societies and Organizations
Library Research
Evaluating | Citing Sources

“Property rights are a tool humans use in regulating their use of natural resources. Understanding how rights to resources are assigned and how they are controlled is critical to designing and implementing effective strategies for environmental management and conservation.”
Hanna, S. Rights to Nature: Ecological, Economic, Cultural, and Political Principles of Institutions for the Environment. Washington DC : Island Press, 1996

“In the United States the concept of preserving unique landscapes for the pleasure of the people of the entire nation was established on June 30, 1864 . . . .[F]our decades later . . . Yosemite became a National Park. Tourism and, later, recreation, were the intended purposes of the lands.“ http://www.answers.com/topic/park-4 (viewed 3/18/06 )

Central Park was the first landscaped public park in the United States . . . . [I]n 1853 the state legislature authorized the City of New York to use the power of eminent domain* to acquire more than 700 acres of land in the center of Manhattan . Blackmar E, Rosenzweig R. History of Central Park http://www.artsandmusicpa.com/NYC/MarysNY.htm (viewed 3/18/06 )

Roughly 1,600 working-class residents occupying the area at the time were evicted under the rule of eminent domain* during 1857, and Seneca Village (a community of African American property owners), and parts of the other communities were torn down and removed in order to make room for the park. Seneca Village http://www.centralparknyc.org/virtualpark/thegreatlawn/senecavillage (viewed 3/18/06 )

Background Information and Resources

General Encyclopedias

Ecology and Environmental References

Terms of Environment This glossary from the Environmental Protection Agency "defines in non-technical language the more commonly used environmental terms appearing in EPA publications, news releases, and other Agency documents available to the general public, students, the media, and Agency employees." Includes abbreviations and acronyms.

Encyclopedia of environmental studies
Founders Reference TD9.A84 2001

The encyclopedia of ecology and environmental management
Founders Reference GE300 .E53 1998  

Locating Books: Search Sterling »» Authentication required for full off-campus access outside HU-Net

Tip: When you perform a keyword search and locate a title that is on target, check to see the descriptors, index terms, or subject terms and use them to formulate your future literature research. Listed below are Library of Congress subject headings I found useful in locating books for this project.

Some SUBJECT HEADINGS for ecology, parks and private housing:

City planning Environmental aspects
Conservation of natural resources
Economic Development environmental aspects/Environmental ethics
Human ecology
Land use Planning
Open spaces/ Parks
Public Lands United States
Urban eco
logy/Urban forestry.

The Green Movement may also be considered although this topic is usually focused on political and social movement issues.

Selected Book Titles
The titles are represented in the collection of the Howard University Libraries.


  • The ecology of place: Planning for environment, economy and community
    Architecture Library HT167 .B43 1997
  • Ecological principles for economic development
    Founders QH541
  • Economic justice: Political and economic changes crucial to mankind's survival
    Founders HD87 .C7 1991  
  • The economics of natural environments: Studies in the valuation of commodity and amenity resources
    Founders HC103.7 K78 1985  
  • Economy and ecology: Towards sustainable development
    Founders HD75.6 E33 1989  
  • Environmental and natural resource economics: A contemporary approach
    Founders HC79.E5 H356 2002  
  • Environmental spectrum: Social and economic views on the quality of life
    Founders HD82 E58  
  • Property rights in a social and ecological context: Case studies and design applications
  • Founders HB701 .P758 1995 
  • Reshaping the built environment: Ecology, ethics, and economics
    Founders HD255.R47 1999
  • Valuation of wildland resource benefits
    Founders HD216 V35 1984
  • Valuing the earth: Economics, ecology, ethics
    Divinity Library/ Founders HD75.6 .V36 1993  


  • Environmental planning: Law of land and resources
    Founders KF5505.A7 R4  
  • A history of the public land policies
    Architecture / Founders HD216 H5 1965  
  • Investing in park futures: A blueprint for tomorrow
    Founders SB482 A4 I58 1988  
  • Land acquisition: Completing the parks
    Founders SB482 A4 I58 V. 7  
  • Park boundaries: Where we draw the line
    Founders SB482 A4 I58 V.5  
  • Property rights in a social and ecological context: Case studies and design applications
    Founders HB701.P758 1995
  • The public lands: Studies in the history of the public domain
    Founders HD216 C3 1963  
  • The question of the commons: The culture and ecology of communal resources
    Founders GF49 Q47 1987     
  • Rights to nature
    Founders K3478.Z9 R54 1996
  • Westward in Eden: The public lands and the conservation movement
    Founders HD205 1982 W9  


  • Comparative urban structure: Studies in the ecology of cities
    Founders HT151 S323  
  • Design for human ecosystems: Landscape, land use, and natural resources
    Architecture HD108.6 .L95 1999  
  • The ecological city and the city effect: Essays on the urban planning requirements for the sustainable city
    Founders HT241 .A72 1997  
  • The green city
    Architecture NA9052 J64  
  • Green urbanism: Learning from European cities  
    Architecture HT241 .B437 2000  
  • Parks for people
    Architecture SB481 W45 1973
  • Practical ecology for planners, developers, and citizens
    Architecture Library GF75 .P47 2005
  • Small urban spaces: The philosophy, design, sociology, and politics of vest-pocket parks and other small urban open spaces
    Founders SB481 S48  
  • Understanding urban ecosystems: A new frontier for science and education
    Founders HT241.C37 1999
  • Urban forest landscapes: Integrating multidisciplinary perspectives
    Founders SB436.U7 1995
  • Urban green: City parks of the western world
    Architecture SB481 F66  

Finding Articles, Citations, and Data Sources
(Effective searching always look at the subject descriptors assigned to relevant articles for additional keywords to help modify your search statement)

R »» Authentication required for off-campus access outside HU-Net

  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts R Abstracts and indexes to scientific and research literature with valuable summaries of original research material. Content coverage includes the life sciences, environmental sciences, engineering, social sciences, and the humanities
  • EbscoHost R The world's largest academic multi-disciplinary database, Academic Search Premier provides full text for nearly 4,000 scholarly publications, including full text for more than 3,100 peer-reviewed journals. Coverage spans virtually every area of academic study and offers information dating as far back as 1975. This database is updated on a daily basis via EBSCO host.
  • FirstGov Science A "gateway to authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies, including research and development results."
  • Advanced Search Feature
  • JSTOR R Electronic access to a comprehensive archive of articles from journals in the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, ecology and botany
  • NBII The National Biological Information Infrastructure
    Results may include articles, references, species profiles, maps.
  • Urban Forestry Database USDA Program
  • Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
  • List of All HUL Biology Databases

Selected Sources for E-journals

Internet Resources

Selected Societies and Organizations

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