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Selected Resources on Hip Hop and Higher Education
Page Index:

Bibliographies and Websites

Books and Dissertations
Multi-media Resources
2007 Symposium

Bibliographies and Websites

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Books and Dissertations

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Multi-media Resources

Beat Street.  Santa Monica, CA: MGM Home Entertainment Inc., 2003.

Freestyle: the Art of Rhyme. New York: Palm Pictures, 2004.

5 Sides of a Coin.  New York: Seventh Art Releasing, 2004.

GV5: the Sacred Elements of Hip-hop.  Los Angeles, CA: Bryan World Productions, 2003.

A girl like me - Beauty Standards and Self Esteem


Hip Hop Portal

Search  for additional resources on hip hop in databases and catalogs (e.g., Sterling) covering such disciplines as music, art, dance, drama,  film, history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, economics, communications, education, business, religion, philosophy, black studies, and women's studies.  Representative sources  include:

ABI/Inform Global
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Black Studies Database
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