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Selected Music Resources at Howard University
Page Index:
General Resources
Databases Available Via Sterling

Musical Genres

Notable Howard Alumni Involved With Music And Choreography
Howard University Resources
Selected Publications -- Music Department Faculty
Websites of Some Leading Schools of Music
Music in the Washington Area
Careers in Music

This guide provides resources for general music appreciation, preparation of term papers at the undergraduate level, exploration of careers or graduate study.

General Resources

Burnim, Mellonee V. and Maultsby, Portia K. (2006) African American Music: An Introduction. New York: Routledge. Founders Library.  ML 3556 A34 2006

Burns, Kristine H., ed. (2002) Women and Music in America Since 1900, 2 vols. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Founders Library: Reference. ML82 W625 2002

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, 10 vols.  (2002) New York: Routledge. Founders Library: Reference. ML 100 G16 1998

Larkin, Colin, ed. (1995) The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music, 6 vols. Enfield, Middlesex, England: Guinness Publ; New York: Stockton Press. Founders Library: Reference. ML102 P66 G84 1995

Larkin, Colin. (2002) The Virgin Encyclopedia of Popular Music. London: Virgin Books: In association with Muze UK. Founders Library: Reference. ML102 P66 V57 2002 

Machlis, Joseph and Forney, Kristine. (2007) Enjoyment of Music. New York:  W.W. Norton and Company. Founders Library: Reference.

Tyrell, John and Sadie, Stanley, eds. (2001) The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 29 vols. 2nd ed. New York: Grove Press.  Founders Library: Reference. ML 100 N48 2001 

Storr, Anthony. (1992) Music and the Mind.  (New York: Free Press; Toronto: Maxwell Macmillan Canada; New York: Maxwell Macmillan International. Founders Library. ML 3830 S87 1982

Southern, Eileen. (1997) The Music of Black Americans: a History. New York: Norton. Founders Library.  ML 3556 S74 1997

Databases Available Via Sterling
R »» Authentication required for off-campus access outside HU-Net

Grove Music Online

Grove Music Online is a dynamic music resource on the web, including the full text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, second edition; The New Grove Dictionary of Opera; and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, second edition.

Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology Online


Electronic access to a comprehensive archive of articles from journals in the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, ecology and botany.


A center for scholarly research on a variety of subjects and disciplines.

Project Muse R

Provides full text access to over 160 journals. Full text is accessible only for Johns Hopkins University Press journals; bibliographic information and abstracts are given for non JHUP publications. Sites of periodicals that emphasize music include: Asian Music; Computer Music Journal; Early Music; Journal of the Royal Musical Association; Latin American Music Review; Leonardo Music Journal; Music and Letters; Philosophy of Music Education Review; Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture

Musical Genres


Butterworth, Neil. (2005) Dictionary of American Classical Composers, 2nd ed. New York: Routledge. Founders Library: Reference. ML106 U3 B87 2005

Levy, Kenneth. (1983) Music, A Listener's Introduction. New York: Harper & Row. Founders Library. ML 160.L592 1983

 Kamien, Roger. (1984) Music, An Appreciation. New York: McGraw-Hill. Founders Library. MT6 K22 M9 1984    

McLeish, Kenneth and McLeish, Valerie. (1986) Listeners' Guide to Classical Music: An Introduction to the Great Classical Composers and Their Works. Harlow: Longman. Founders Library. ML100 M354 1986    

Gospel and Spirituals

Anderson, Robert and North, Gail. (1979) Gospel Music Encyclopedia. New York: Sterling Publishing Company. Founders Library: Reference. ML102 G6 A5    

Goff, James R., Jr. (2002) Close Harmony: A History of Southern Gospel. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. Founders Library: Reference ML3187 G64 2002   

Heilbut, Anthony. (1992) The Gospel Sound; Good News and Bad Times, 4th ed. New York: Limelight Editions. Divinity Library. ML 3187 1992    

Lovell, John. (1972) Black Song: The Forge and the Flame: The Story of How the Afro-American Spiritual Was Hammered Out. New York: Macmillan. Founders Library. ML 3556 L69  Founders Library; Pollock Collection: ML 3556 L69    

Warren, Gwendolin Sims. (1997) Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit : 101 Best-loved Psalms, Gospel Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the African-American Church. New York: Henry Holt and Co. Divinity Library: Reference. M 1670 .W371 1997  Divinity Library: Reference. M 1670 W371 1997  

Hip Hop and Rap

Howard University Libraries. "Selected Resources on Hip Hop." Subject Guide on Hip Hop Music and Its Cultural Impact. Available at: Library System: Howard University: Information and Research Assistance: Guides: Selected Readings on Hip Hop. 

Perkins, William, ed. (1996) Droppin' Science: Critical Essays on Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Founders Library. ML3531 .D77 1996   

Price, Emmett George III (2006) Hip Hop Culture. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. Founders Library. ML 3531 P75 2006     

 Toop, David. (1984) The Rap Attack:  African Jive to New York Hip Hop. Boston: South End Press. Founders Library.  ML3556 T66 1984     


Feather, Leonard G. and Gitler, Ira. (1999) The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz. New York: Oxford University Press. ML 102 J3 F4 1999    

Howard University Libraries. "Duke Ellington." Subject Guide on the Life and Work of  Duke Ellington. Available at: Library System - Howard University: Information & Research Assistance: Guides: Duke Ellington

Martin, Henry and Waters, Keith. (2002) Jazz: The First 100 Years. Belmont, CA: London: Wadsworth. Founders Library; Reference:  ML 3506.M356 2002 Founders Library; Reference. Ask for disc at the Circulation Desk: ML 3506 M356 2002  CD-ROM

Tanner, Paul O.W., Megill, David W., and Gerow, Maurice. (2005) Jazz. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill. Founders Library; Book:  ML 3506 T36 2005  Founders Library; CD ROM. Ask for disc at the Circulation Desk: ML 3506 T36 2005  CD-ROM 

Ward, Geoffrey C. Jazz: A History of America's Music. (Based on a documentary film by Ken Burns.) Moorland-Spingarn General Collection. M 78165 W2121 2000

Rhythm and Blues

Bowman, Robert M. J. (1997) Soulsville, U.S.A.: the Story of Stax Records. New York: Schirmer Books. Founders Library. ML 3792 B69 1997 

Rosalsky, Mitch. (2000) Encyclopedia of Rhythm and Blues and Doo Wop Vocal Groups. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press. Founders University: Reference. ML 102 P66 R67 2000

Some Notable Howard Alumni Involved With Music and Choreography

Debbie Allen '71 Actor/Director/Producer/Choreographer

Jessye Norman '67 Opera Singer

Notable Howard University Jazz Ensemble Alumni

Howard University Resources

The Channing Pollock Theatre Collection

The Channing Pollock Theatre Collection--a non-circulating special collection devoted to the performing arts, was established in 1950 by Helen Channing Pollock, daughter of the late American playwright and critic, Channing Pollock. The collection was formally presented to the University in May 1952 during the Festival of Fine Arts. The Channing Pollock Theatre Collection includes a large number of musical scores and programs for theatrical presentations that were presented in the 19th and 20th centuries.   

Department of Music

The music program at Howard University has a rich history which may be traced to 1870, when a few courses were offered.

Howard University Choirs

Howard University Chapel Choir

Howard University Chapel Choir serves as the resident choir for Sunday Chapel services.

Howard University Community Choir

The purpose of the Howard University Community Choir is to uplift the name of Jesus Christ through the singing of gospel and other sacred Christian music.

Howard Gospel Choir

This first college choir of its kind in the nation, the Howard Gospel Choir has traveled internationally, recorded commercially and worked with notable artists to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through song.


Selected Publications -- Music Department Faculty

Arthur C. Dawkins

Dawkins, Arthur C. "The Jazz Combo: Objectives and Benefits." In: J.R. Dunscomb and W.L. Hill. , eds. (2002) Jazz Pedagogy: The Jazz Educator's Handbook and Resource Guide,? 119-135.  Miami : Warner Brothers. Founders Library, Book: ML3506 D86 2002  Founders Library, CD-Rom: ML3506 D86 2002 Founders Library, CD-ROM (Ask for CD ROM at the Circulation Desk.)     

Lorraine Faxio

 Faxio , Lorraine . (1985) "The Music Program of the Works Progress Administration: A Documentation and Description of its Activities with Special Reference to Afro-Americans." In: Jackson, Irene V., ed. (1985) More Than Dancing: Essays on Afro-American Music and Musicians. Prepared under the auspices of the Center for Ethnic Music, Howard University . Westport , CT : Greenwood Press. Founders Library.  ML3556.M68. Founders Library; Channing Pollock Collection: ML3556 M68 1985

 James T. Holliday

  Holliday, James T. Chief Research Assistant for White, Evelyn Davidson, compiler. (1996) Choral Music by African-Americans Composers: A Selected Annotated Bibliography. Lanham , MD. : Scarecrow Press. UGL, Auxiliary Cir. Desk.  ML128 C48 W5 1996 Moorland-Spingarn, General Collection. M016 7841 W582 1996

Charles Timbrell

 Timbrell, Charles. (1999) French Pianism: A Historical Perspective. Portland , OR : Amadeus Press. ML724 T54 1999

 Timbrell, Charles. DeBussy in Performance. In: Tresize, Simon. (2003) The Cambridge Companion to Debussy. New York : Cambridge University Press. ML410 D28 C26 2003

 Timbrell, Charles (2005) Prince of Virtuosos: A Life of Walter Rummel, American pianist. Lanham , MD : Scarecrow Press UGL, Cir. Desk Reserves: ML417 R796 T55 2005 CD-ROM: UGL, Cir. Desk Reserves: ML417.R796 T55 2005 CD-Rom.  

Websites of Some Leading Schools of Music

The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Washington, D.C.

Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Boston University School of Music, Boston, MA

The Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, PA

Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington, IN

The Julliard School, New York, NY

Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY

New England Conservatory of Music. Boston, MA 

The Peabody Institute - Music Education, Baltimore, MD

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco, CA

University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, OH

University of Maryland School of Music, College Park, MD

Music in the Washington Area

DAR Constitution Hall


DC Youth Orchestra

GW Lisner Auditorium

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The Library of Congress: American Memory Project; Performing Arts, Music Collections

Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

National Museum of American History: Music and Musical Instruments

National Symphony Orchestra  

The Smithsonian - Music webpage

Washington City Paper

WETA (classical music station)

WPFW (jazz radio station)

 Wolf Trap for the Performing Arts

Careers in Music

Music Careers

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